Manuel Mueller

Restless for innovation - helping the team to archive the goals we set together in combination with the "leading by experts" theory is my goal.

With a proper vision you can not go wrong - finding it and adjusting it over time, is part of who I am.

As a product manager I believe that communication and understanding is the key to success. Joining the needs of all teams into one fast interating product cycle allows you to quickly create those channels.

What I Do

Product Management

I believe the answer is to move fast with a plan. Setting goals and building and sharing a clear product roadmap - is the first step of the iteration. The "why" is the most important part for most of the decisions - to align with the OKR and allow the team to work cross functional.


Being on the same level as engineers and other stakeholders helps me to abstract the actual idea. Challenging the experts I am working with and using latest technologies is the key to automation and product iteration.


With over 10 years of experience in marketing, the fast moving industry helped me to understand the various aspects of (performance) marketing. Building complex A/B test scenarios or setup up global tracking scripts and full marketing automations are the key to success.


Building teams who change the company - I like to run as roadblock remover for the experts. Understanding that a company is run by people which have an impact on the mission is crucial.


7 Years of Experience


2020 - Current

Technical Product Manager / Data Integration Manager

- leading the team which build from scratch a streaming platform to support multiple microservices using Apache Pulsar / Streamnative - trained and educated event driven publisher-subscriber model to various teams - multiple integrations with Terraform, AWS Cloud services, K8s, Docker, Apache Pulsar, Salesforce

2016 - 2020

Technical Business Intelligence Manager

Managed an international team with resources on 3 different continents. - started as teamlead of 4 to build a Business Intelligence Infrastructure - took over organization wide reporting, data engineering & warehousing, data modeling and the overall data strategy - Ran a fully scaleable data warehouse on AWS RDS with Rundeck as executer - Worked with the management team in Sales / Marketing / Finance and Operations to align, execute and deliver solutions to allow data driven decisions and solution mangement - Switched the main reporting tool from Tableau to Domo to allow further scaling and more active usage of reportings within the company - Worked on "custom integration solutions" to fully support the company for their operational service needs

2010 - 2016
aeriagames / pro7

Head of Technical Marketing

- worked with an international team for USA and Europe - lead the CRM department, adapting to newest CRM performance campaigns and switching from ExactTarget to Optivo - developed internal tracking tools for marketing performance campaign, increasing the overall automation and implementation of campaigns in terms of complexity - assisting landing page development and A/B Testing during initial product releases

2009 - 2010
netpoint media GmbH

Senior Campaign Manager

- worked as a campaign manager to distribute ads over the network - acted as consultant for the adsever implementation for the portfolio websites

2007 - 2008
Liquid Air Lab

Traffic Manager

- worked as a developer to ensure that ads can be added within podcasts (audio / video) - acted as technical consultant for the portfolio websites - ensured that campaigns were delivered in time and performance

walltreet online

Traffic Manager

- worked as main adserver operator and campaign manager to ensure ads are properyl displayed on the websited and special ads are being shown - worked with design to create new advertising formats while ensuring the quality and website performance is unaffected - assisted the sales team in solving technical questions


OSZ Druck und Medientechnik

Media Designer

Product Skills

Jira (Workflow / kanban / Scrum)


Product Management Prioritization Frameworks ( RICE, SCORE, FDD, LEAN)


Coding Skills

Devops - (Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS and Azure, bash)


Python (Scripting, Rapid Prototypes)


Frontend - JavaScript / HTML / CSS



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+49 176 473 437 97


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